13th-Anniversary Giveaway of Ink Different Tattoos

Hey there, Ink Lovers! July is our anniversary month at Ink Different Tattoos. So, we decided to throw prizes and confetti with this 13th-anniversary giveaway!

Flashback to a July 4th weekend 13 years back, when we set sail on the wild seas of tattooing, determined to shake things up.


Our mission

Our mission is to Ensure Excellence and Equal Opportunity in the Tattoo Industry. We believe that every artist from every walk of life deserves an opportunity to make a living from their art.

However, We want to say a big “THANK YOU” to each of you for being our rockstars and helping us ink our legacy in the tattoo universe. Continue reading to find out how you can be part of our celebration and win Our 13th-anniversary giveaway!

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The Details on the 13th-Anniversary Giveaway

For over a decade, Ink Different Tattoos has been changing the lives of many aspiring tattoo artists, clients, and communities alike.

To all the newbies in our gang, a big warm “Hi! We’ve got goodies just for you!” Check out the prizes we’ve got lined up:


  • WIN A FREE TATTOO! Yep, you heard that right! At participating Ink Different Tattoos studio locations.

  • 15% OFF EVERYTHING in our GoodHumans.Life clothing and merchandise store.


How can you participate?

All you have to do is follow this simple steps:

  • Follow our Instagram account: @inkdifferenttattoo

  • Share the post on our Instagram account that announces the giveaway.

  • Comment in the post: #freetattoo

And that's it! You'll participate in our 13th-Anniversary Giveaway!


Join the 13th-anniversary giveaway at Ink Different Tattoos

We hope our adventures have fired up your tattoo passions, kickstarted your tattoo artist dreams, or pushed you to chase your goals, whatever they may be.

Furthermore, we hope our journey has inspired you to get inked, get serious about becoming a professional Tattoo Artist, or follow your dreams, whatever they may be.

Our anniversary wish?

It’s to reach more people who can be part of our adventure for the next 13 years. In conclusion, we’d like to be that safe space where they’ll make their dreams come true, get a memorable tattoo, or both!